Utopian Life - Philosophy of simple life

Live (Simple). Love (Nature).

What's this actually about?!

It is about living consciously. To live in a way that supports you to enjoy every moment of your life. The focus here lies on health, ethics and cheerfulness. As a result, environmental protection, vegan nutrition and altruism arise.

Let's proceed chronologically. If we look at Maslow's pyramid of needs, food is in fact the first priority. Drinking also plays an important role, but I will only go into this briefly. Furthermore a pleasant body temperature is addressed, the life concept introduced here also matches this.

Nourishment: Preface - When I was a child, everything was easy. My mother brought the food to the table, I ate it. So far so good. With the years you (hopefully) become (more) autonomous and try out. I think it makes sense to teach yourself autodidactically in this way, because you can proceed similar to Descartes: Without any prejudices.

I have come to the conclusion that the optimal human diet is very similar to that of a chimpanzee. How do they feed? A lot of fruit and seeds are in the front. But before you look for your favourite nut (of course cannabis seeds) and your favourite fruit and only want to eat them... Wait. A balanced diet is important because no plant provides all the nutrients your body needs. Uncooked food contains the most vitamins and if you can manage to digest it, you should eat as much fresh/raw food as possible. Due to the point of environmental protection you should avoid animal products, also due to the fact that apart from fish, most animals contain a lot of saturated fatty acids and unhealthy cholesterol. But that does not really exclude fish? I am not against animals. You have as much right to exist as we humans do on this planet. But it should stay that way. Fish farming and its outcome or the cost of fish farming are not proportionate to your benefit. Example Omega3: Hemp seeds have an almost perfect ratio of Omega3 to Omega6 fatty acids. These and other nuts are easier to "harvest" than fish and whether it can be ethically correct to kill other living beings should be part of another paper. Well, let's do without animal products... But? Then we are not missing something! This has certainly been heard by almost every vegan or vegetarian human being. No. And yes. It depends on whether they eat correctly. The biggest " trouble" is the vitamin B12, which humans cannot produce for themselves. It is part of meat and fish but what about plants? Vitamin B12 is produced by microorganisms and is found in traces of unwashed vegetables. However, this does not cover all of our B12 needs. I am still in the research phase, but I think I have found my right supplier with the Chlorella algae. Thanks to its presence in fresh water, larger quantities can be consumed without an excess of iodine. In contrast to other plants it does not contain analogues but active vitamin B12 which can be metabolised by the human body. The consumption of this alga also has other advantages such as a protein level of around 60%. All other substances required by the body are available practically without restrictions through vegan nutrition. Vegetables contain vast amounts of fibre and the risk of being contaminated by germs is significantly lower than with animal products. Pathogens such as salmonella are also virtually eliminated with a vegan diet. And what about people who do sports, are they well provided for? Sport is important to build up muscles which protect the bones. The happiness hormone serotonin is released and it is also a kind of meditation, one learns to perceive oneself. Fibre, proteins and carbohydrates play a different role depending on what the focus is on during sport. Proteins are necessary to maintain and build muscles. These are found in nuts (hemp seeds, cashew nuts...), pulses (lentils, peas...) and cereals (oat flakes are a good source). If you want to build up a lot of muscle mass, the question about the added surplus value should be left here open, you need many carbohydrates, which are contained in potatoes, cereals (wheat, rice...) and partly in nuts. Who wants to reduce weight should consume many roughage however not completely without carbohydrates. I present here a nutrition to you for foreveryone, as long as a person does not suffer from a serious illness it should lead to a healthy body image and this can differ from person to person.

Also, the fact that one eats more than the other can be healthy in terms of different metabolism in both cases. And what about fats? They are surely unhealthy! No. At least not the unsaturated ones. These are even very important and occur mainly in nuts. The sugar, which is nowadays unnecessarily contained in almost every, especially conventionally manufactured product, is rather harmful. And once you are low in sugar, you can effectively deal with an acute deficiency of fructose, you have guessed it, with fruits.

Drinking: Water. I'll make it short at this point. Simply drink water. The substances contained in juices can be better absorbed through fresh fruits. The situation is different with tea, there is no reason why it should not be consumed, as it can also help with illnesses and stomach problems. At the most in winter juice can be worthwhile, since one can preserve the fruits effectively in such a way. Carbon dioxide is suspected to favour hormones which are responsible for the production of fats. Therefore and due to the fact that the artificial addition of carbonic acid means unnecessary work in the production you should use natural - in the best case spring - water. Not from a plastic bottle, of course. One does not want to support the plastic industry and secondly plastic molecules could be contained in the drunk water.

Environmental protection:

After a short detour to the food department I go into clothes and behaviour.

How do you feed yourself? If they want to leave behind a rejoicing flora and fauna to relatives and future creatures in general, do without animals and: Eat regional, seasonal, sustainable and of high quality. Livestock breeding takes up an enormous amount of space, leads to horrendous logistics and swallows up important resources such as grain that can be used more effectively by simply eating it yourself. Regional food means more freshness, more environmental protection, because less logistics are necessary and natural vegetation. Dining seasonally has the advantage that you have the fresh products. Sustainable goods in the form of sustainably treated soil means fairness to future generations. High-quality food means a life full of a concentrated power of energy and free of pesticides.


Hemp. Is the answer. No other plant can be cultivated in such an environmentally friendly way and used in so many different ways. It thrives almost everywhere in the world and supplies the strongest fibers, also regulates the temperature, so that the body temperature is used optimally. Hemp fibres absorb moisture in such a way that clothing does not feel unpleasantly wet and effectively prevents odours from the start.

The happy social life

Guide to Education

The human being is a sociable animal. That's why he does care about living together. Nothing justifies the punishment, but everything justifies the unconditional love. Every creature should be free: Unbureaucraticly. Anyone who has children should pay attention to the communication of openness, honesty and altruism. But the refereed should be understood, a mere consumption of the audience to be enriched seems completely meaningless. You will achieve this by autodidactics, let your protégé find the right answer by means of a Socratic dialectic, intervene if he deviates too far, give inspiration if necessary, but at the same time do not become completely immersed in your so-called knowledge, because you also learn.

If another person acts apparently contradictory, try to understand and always try to strive for a beautiful togetherness. Only knowledge makes an impunity-free society realistic. If the individual acts according to the categorical imperative, environmentally harmful behaviour is a priori excluded. If you do not feel well, always try to find out the true reason. If you do, talk to an emphatic person about it.